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Nordi plans industrial-sized solar power plant in Finland


October 27, 2023

Njordr’s Finnish subsidiary Nordi, is planning a solarpower plant in the Lålby area in Kristinestad, Finland. The Technical Services Committee of Kristinestad has approved the preliminary contract for the project 6 June 2023 and the project will now proceed to the planning and permitting phase.

Construction work is scheduled to begin earliest in2024, and the solar power plant could start producing 45-55 GWh annually of renewable electricity into the grid potentially as early as 2025. The expected investment is over EUR 30 million.  

"Nordi's goal is to increase the domestic production of renewable energy, which is needed by future industrial investments. The Lålby area is ideal for our project; The planned solar power plant is located on the former ash deposit area of a coal power plant, an area with limited alternative uses, effectively reducing the need for forest clearance. The area's current infrastructure also supports the solar power plant, and there is no need to build new overhead lines," says Piia Heikkinen, Managing Director of Nordi.

Kristinestad is known for wind power with several projects in the municipality. However, there are no solar power plants of the same size in this area yet, and the demand of renewable energy is constantly growing.

"It's great that we are getting a new solar powerplant here. It can, in combination with other energy production, serve the multiple industrial projects that are planned here and that need a lot of renewable energy," says Mila Segervall, mayor of Kristinestad.

 The location is ideal in terms of solar irradiance. The solar power park planned by Nordi has a capacity of 40-50 MW, covering an areaof 59 hectares.

For more information, please contact:

Piia Heikkinen

Head of Development Finland