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  • 2022 Permit application
  • 2026 Concession
  • 2027 FEED & financing
  • 2029 COD

MW planned capacity

106 MW

Wind turbine generators


GWh expected annual capacity

300 GWh

Average wind speeds

7.7 m/s

In October 2022, Njordr submitted a permit application to build the Aspeland wind farm in Hultsfred Municipality, Kalmar County. The project area is located east of Målilla, approximately 15 kilometers south of Hultsfred. The wind farm is planned to consist of up to 12 wind turbines with a maximum total height of 270 meters. Expected production from the wind farm is 300 GWh per year.

The consultation began in 2021. Investigations have been carried out to consider applicable natural values, birds, bats and archaeological remains. The conclusions from the investigations have shown that majority of the original project area is suitable for wind power.

Selected documentation can be found below:

Permit application

Project Area and Turbine Positions

Technical description

Environmental impact assessment

Sound calculations


Emission reduction:

The electricity that the wind farm would produce can, by replacing fossil fuels in Sweden and in our neighboring countries, reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by approximately 180,000 tons a year. That is more than twice as much as the total emissions in Hultsfred, which in 2018 amounted to 82,000 tons.

Compensation to the local community:

Njordr always pays a share of the sales income from the electricity production towards the local community's associations and development.

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