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Project Delta South

  • 2025 Pre survey, Permit application
  • 2028 Permit approval
  • 2032 Final investment decision

Planned capacity

1,900 MW

Wind turbine generators


Expected annual production

7.6 TWh

Average wind speeds

9.7 m/s

Njordr Offshore Wind is planning an offshore wind farm in the northern Baltic Sea. The wind farm is located about 100 kilometers east of Stockholm and about 55 kilometers east of Sandhamn.

The wind park is planned to consist of up to 300 wind turbines with a maximum total height of 330 meters. Expected production from the wind farm is 7.6 TWh per year, which corresponds to the household electricity of 3.2 million households, if the consumption is 6,200 kWh/year (Energy Agency 2012). This production will be a significant addition to the region. The wind farm is expected to be in operation around 2030.


The consultation procedure with relevant authorities and other stakeholders was completed on 12/2 2022. Documentation from the consultation as well as recorded video from an information meeting at Djurönäset can be found below:

Link to consultation information

Link to Appendix 3 – Sound calculation

Link to Appendix 4 – Sound calculation

Link to Appendix 5 – Photomontage

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